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Translation Teams

One goal of this ministry is to provide the resources from this website as effectively as possible. As you are able to use the resources and possibly even translate them for your personal use, we would appreciate it greatly if you would consider being part of a "translation team" which includes several other individuals like yourself around the world.

A "translation team" functions as a group of individuals volunteer their own time to translate the existing materials available from AIBI Resources (/). For any given language or dialect, there would be multiple individuals making the initial translation, emailing the content back to AIBI Resources offices, then one or more final editors to help verify the accuracy of content and context before the final translated resources would be made available.

Please understand that if you volunteer to help in translation, a fully functional translation team is needed before the resources may be placed on the website for others to use the new materials.

If you feel that the resources on this website could be more valuable in your language, and you would like to help, please take the time to send a message to us at translation @ (without spaces) and let us know how you would like to serve.