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As the volunteer translation teams continue to develop, our goal here at AIBI Resources is to provide you with these Biblical training resources in as many languages and dialects as possible. However, this can only happen as individuals who perhaps have translated the resources for their own use share your translated copies with us and join the translation team for your language group. Is this something that you can do? Do you sense the Lord leading you this way? If so, please contact us through the translation teams page so that the AIBI Resource materials can be available to others in your language group thanks to your contribution to the team. Perhaps there is a translation team that we have not started yet that you can help begin just for your language group. Click the links below for more information.

Other resources available through links from this site include machine translations of the website. Please note that this link will take you outside of the AIBI Resources website and only translates the website pages themselves not the manuals and diagrams. This is where we need YOU. Click one of the links below for more information.

Another link is for the manuals and diagrams that have already been translated into Spanish through part of our Spanish language translation team. Click the link below to see what resources are available.

View the Website in another language
View the Resources Currently Available in Spanish
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The Bible in English and in Other Languages