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AIBI in Other Languages?

Thanks to the Internet, AIBI Resources has Bible training materials that are downloaded in over 125 countries around the world. The AIBI website is primarily in English, although there are some resources already translated into Spanish that are available. There are methods such as Google and other websites that can perform a machine translation on the site. However, much of the resources are in Acrobat Reader format and are often either not translated or not accurately translated into your language.

There is a great need for developing translation teams to enable more effective Biblical church development resources worldwide. There have been many personal requests for the manuals and diagrams from this website to be made available in various languages. Some individuals have taken it upon themselves and their friends to translate these resources into their particular language. This is wonderful and is encouraged. You are free to copy and distribute the resoruces as needed and in agreement with the license agreement of this site. It would be great if you have done this to contact the AIBI office with a copy of what you have done so we can start the process of developing a translation team for that language group.

Have you translated any of the AIBI materials for your own use? Can we have a copy? There have been requests for materials in many different languages - including (but not limited to): Chinese French, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish as well as many other local dialects and language groups. Is this an area that you think YOU would like to have a part in furthering the Lords work through this ministry?

AIBI is dependant on volunteer help for all translation. All AIBI staff are faith supported (meaning they rely solely on the Lord providing through donations of others to AIBI on their behalf.) All of the resources and classes from AIBI are available free of charge. There is no charge for website usage, the CDRom version, local classes or any other ministry.

Do you enjoy translating, proofing others translation work, or doing layout and design? If you do, take a look at the translation page or contact us for more information.