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Local Church Leadership Development Institute

Local churches around the world have expressed the fact that their greatest need is godly leadership.

Through the years I have often asked people the question:
“If you could do anything that you wanted to do to serve the Lord for the rest of your life, what would get you the most excited?”

I give the person time to think carefully about that question until the person is ready to give an answer. Then after the person has given me his or her answer, I ask a second question: “How can I best serve you to equip you to do what would get you really excited in your service for the Lord?”

Many of the resources on this Internet site have been prepared as a result of the answers that we have received to these two questions. In your church you probably have people that think about some particular thing that would give them great meaning and purpose in their spiritual life. They just need to know how to serve the Lord in that area of ministry.

Perhaps, no one has ever asked them these types of questions. No one has ever offered to serve them by equipping them to serve the Lord effectively. The Lord has given them this passion to serve Him in this specific area of ministry. As a result, such people may be sitting on the sidelines. They may be praying that the day will come when they will be shown how to serve the Lord according to the passion for ministry that the Lord has placed in their hearts.

The purpose of this manual is to help you develop people in your local church and equip them to serve the Lord with the God given passion that they have in their hearts. Are you ready to serve the Lord by equipping Christians to serve the Lord with the passion that is burning in their hearts? If so, we want to serve you by providing ideas and resources that you can use to help godly leaders develop.

The following manual provides a resource manual of ideas to help you develop and equip people for godly leadership.

Local Church Leadership Development Institute Manual (598K - PDF)
A Basic Church Leadership Seminar (520K - PDF)