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How Can I Help?

Glad you asked! - In many faith supported ministries, resources are often limited not only financially but also in staffing and equipment. It is a priviledge that we as beleivers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are honored by the privilege that Christ gives us to serve him as a body. We function as a body or team as the book of Ephesians-chapter 4 reminds us. Imagine! God LETS us serve Him.

If the Lord is encouraging you to get involved by serving him at a deeper level, why not consider AIBI Resources?

There are a variety of opportunities to serve listed below. Each of these areas we are relying only on the Lord leading individuals to volunteer their time and energies as part of a bigger team that serves our Savior as an effective body. Select the links below to see if the opportunities to serve with the AIBI team might be a match for your gifts and abilities and interests. If you would like more information about one or more of the opportunities to serve listed - contact us at:

Or contact us using the CONTACT FORM here.

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