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As an additional resource to you, we have included an Online Bible section which not only includes the text of the scripture in various languages but also links to various Bible resources online that may be an extra benefit for you as your study God's word.

Some of the links included below are Bible resource links outside of the AIBI Resources websites. While we seek to provide only accurate and correct resources, we cannot guarantee the content outside of the AIBI Resources websites. These links are intended only as an additional free resource and should not be considered part of the AIBI Resources materials. It is the understanding of AIBI and it's ministries that these resources are public domain and or free for personal or non-commercial use. While there are a variety of Bible resources online, we have limited those listed on this site to the few below. We would encourage you to use a search engine such as Google to find additional resources online if needed.

Online HTML Bible
provided by BibleDatabase

Bible Gateway
Searchable Bible in various versions
Including online Audio Bible in many translations